Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48


26 Feb 20:00h



2019: the year Blade Runner
Seward freely interprets his sonic vision of Blade Runner in the year in which the film takes place [November, 2019] through an immersive sound path between the dreamlike and dystopia.
The Barcelona group, praised for its direct, always mutant and in constant search of the limits that define music, approaches and brings a different look to the footage of Ridley Scott and his probable future, dark and at times beautiful and suffocating at the same time . Electronics, performance, poetry, a changing voice, electric guitars, a banjo with effects, processed percussions, manipulated excerpts from speeches, conversations and films, sound artifacts, field recordings ... Everything in Seward crosses the limits of the established being without doubt one of the most personal bands on the international scene. There are no moments for certainty, everything is woven from intensity, place and emotion, Seward are unique and his music transports you to a thousand places at once. In this show, the sound action collective completely immerses itself in the sound universe of Ridley Scott and Vangelis from the public's point of view to transform frequencies, scenes, sounds, songs ... Both playing with the music of the film and manipulating the original sound, bringing new compositions, adding other incidental music _ in certain scenes sounds Chavela Vargas, Frank Sinatra, Enrique Morente or Toto La Momposina in broken and futuristic versions_ and adding sounds of science fiction and improvisation in a perfect balance.