Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48

Listening Room by Vida Festival

12 Feb 20.30h


The collective listening sessions return to Artte in collaboration with the Vida Festival, which launches its “Vida Records” record label.
In this session we will listen to the new Tversky album first and then continue at full speed with Urfabrique dj set.

TVERSKY debuts with its first long namesake, the natural continuation of its previous EP 'Introducing' and 'Faking Funk'; works that served to reap the recognition of prestigious media nationwide and captured the interest of international labels such as Burger Records.
This release also means the starting gun for Vida Records, the seal from the Vida festival that opens in this new facet with the project of the Barcelona duo.
They call themselves 'bedroom funk producers' and from a room in a flat in Barcelona they have been cooking this album on low heat for almost two years with a result that, despite its DIY character, has little to envy to the professional studio. The main thread of the songs that make up the album is definitely its danceability and the essence of the album that characterizes them. Simple but effective lyrics give prominence to instrumentation, whose skeleton is constructed from the catchy synthesizer melodies and keyboards of Xavi and the powerful solo and flute and saxophone arrangements that Alan gladly brings to the mix. Combining Chromeo's most modern sound with classics like Chic or Hall & Oates, the duo feeds his latest work on a variety of references that always gravitate around disco music.