Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48


29 Oct 20:30h


Marina Pravkina proposes ImprovisariUM as a new format of the concert-performance, where the bodies invade the scene to dialogue with the live sound.
In ImprovisariUM we open the space of improvisation and freedom to find something that we call " jazz not jazz" - the music and the movement, that don't follow the rules of the certain art form.
In this "jazz not jazz" space musicians and dancers take descisions here and now, combining their actions and responding to each other in the most elegant and performative way: the footwork of jazz dance forms meets the grooves and virtuosity of urban dances and richness of the bodies´ textures in the connection and disconnection with the swinging piano, abstract free saxophone and the experimentation on the drums.
Every performance is an unique combination of the invited dance and music artists, led by Marina Pravkina in the exploration of the beauty and the power of the spontaneous artistic actions, that creates the moments of magic and the state of trance both for the public and the artists themselves.

20:30 Apertura. Marina Pravkina
21:00 - 21:50 Concierto - Actuación.
22:00 DJ set.
23:00 - 00:30 Perfomance y Fiesta