Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48


23 Nov 21:00h



JazzBetween is a new creative and productive platform that promotes the culture of fresh contemporary jazz, creating a real space for collaboration between musicians, dancers, producers and DJs around the phenomena of contemporary jazz.
"We do jazz with the labels. It is not completely clear where the limit is, nor where the beginning of Jazz is nor its end», - Marina Pravkina, the founder of JazzBetween.
In November we continue new season.
This time we will enter the space of abstract and contemporary Jazz to experiment around jazz and non-jazz: LIVE Jazz Band & ELECTRONIC SOUND on stage moving on the dance floor.
Tonight we have a very space guest from London.

Producer and Dj, the member of music label Dance Regular and the Selectors Assemble crew. You can find Cengiz djing in some of London's top music venues, and also appears on the CoOp Presents: Selectors Assemble Worldwide FM radio show! (

It's a party. It is a concert. It is a performance.
Bring your jazz to the place!

DJ //
From London, United Kingdom,
CENGIZ (Dance Regular // Selectors Assemble)

Claudio Marrero Quartet
Yindra (live electronic sound)

Jazz dance shows: Tap Dance and Swing,
Short pieces: 3 solos for the Piano.
Performance-Improvisation: Invited Guests.

This is the night to dance and celebrate freely and experiment in Jazz and not Jazz! Bring your jazz to the place!
Dress code: freestyle, elegant, like jazz.
Admission: 10 euros.

Start of the program:
21.00 - DJ CENGIZ UK LONDON (1,5 h)
During this part:
Jazz Dance sHow (3 min)
Tap Dance Show ( 5 min) FRANCE

22.30 Musicians:
1 set LIVE program: Claudio M Quartet ( 40 min)
Jazz Hard Bop // Jazz BeBop

Piano Intro for 2nd song from the set:
"Solo For Piano" ( Jazz body - Ksenia) Piano: acapela abstract going to
swing jazz (3-4 min)

DJ Yindra (30 min)

2 Set LIVE JAM SESSION (40 min. )
Electronica + Jazz
DJ Yindra (sound, noises, dark , ambient ) with Jazz musicians:

Dance performances during the set:

* "Solo for the Piano" ( Jazz Not jazz body - Marina):

Ambient Sound by Yindra (only atmosphere) + piano playing abstract impro
to bebop jazz. (3-4 min)

From this solo continue to develop groove with all musicians to jam

* Flamenco - Contemporary Improvisation (Adrian and Juan Carlos
Lerida) ( 10 min)

Sound and atmosphere by Yindra + Double Bass acapela.


* "Solo for the Piano" (Not jazz Body - Paloma): (3-4 min)

Ambient and groove from Yindra + piano acapela whatever Piano


* Trio classic dancers : Improvisational Performance with Abstract
Jazz not Jazz sound: ( 10 min)

All musicians + Yindra
playing until the end of jam session.

00.30 - 02.00