Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48

Funk & Groove sessions
MMM Experience Trio

06 Dec 23.30h


Experience Trio is the idea of ​​saxophonist Claudio Marrero to play to experiment with the instrumentation of Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums and Saxos, jumping from groove to groove, in an inspiring music session in which there are no pre-established rules, but music He will speak at all times. For this, Claudio has been sharing experience with different musicians of a great interpretive and creative level within this trio format. For this occasion we will have the great pianist Mark Anderud (Mexico) one of the most versatile pianist of the scene in Barcelona, ​​with a great international career and a creative in pure essence. We can also enjoy one of the best drummer in the city, Joan Carles Marí (Ibiza), a lot of talent, creativity and versatility, Joan Carles is a complete musician that allows you to play in multiple directions and with which you feel safe wherever you want Let the music take you.

Joan Carles Marí (drums)
MarK Anderud (Keyboards)
Claudio Marrero (Saxos and Synthesizers)