Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48


21 Sep 23:30h


E.M.E represents the initials of Ella, Mar and Erico, who have joined their essences, perspectives and musical experiences, to create the music and concept of this innovative, original and fresh project.

E.M.E gives a turn to the power-trio, bringing out the best of avant-garde musical technology: Erico's finger drumming contributes to the characteristic sound of the project, mixed with Mar's flamenco guitars and, Ella's versatile and creative voice.

Each member of the group comes from a very different background (Peru, Brazil, Spain), and the result is a cultural mix that is reflected in their music, where there are common points and new colors to genres such as R&B, Neo- Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, among others.

Come and enjoy a live and unique electroacoustic performance