Muntaner 83C, Barcelona — T. 93 454 90 48

Jazz + Audiovisual

11 Dec 20:30hh


he project arises from the meeting in Barcelona of the Italian producer and pianist Leonardo Cincinelli with Mariano Camarasa, jazz pianist and composer from Argentina, two artists who have never seen music as a problem of style or genre. In fact Art.eria is a matrix where the worlds of electronic production, jazz improvisation, classical composition and audiovisual art converge. These aesthetics communicate and interact, sometimes they distance and contrast, each one expressing its peculiar character, its differences; other times they come closer, they imitate each other, they play and joke, they look for complicity to finally merge in an unprecedented sound where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Fruit of the effervescence and cultural mix of the Catalan city, the ensemble has exceptional talents, such as the flautist Fernando Brox from Malaga, the Uruguayan double bass player Antonino Restuccia Moreno, the Catalan string quartet Art.eria.

The project also features live projections of backgrounds and images recurring to the music that is generated live in our 360º room, an experience within the reach of few. We invite you to have a unique experience with us!

Leonardo Cincinelli production, composition, live electronics

Mariano Camarasa coproduction, composition, piano  

Fernando Brox flute and effects 

Jaime del Blanco violin

Nuria Garcia Bonilla violin 

Aroa García viola 

Anna Llorens Caellas cello  

Antonino Restuccia Moreno double bass